Elite Horses
We are proud to offer several horses for sale. Our elite horses have excellent bloodlines and/or are competition winners!
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ET de la Bouteillerie

Mothers sire:
X de la Bouteillerie (ET)
about 1m62
Fabe 348
Peke 268
Ster x Ster Pref x Ster pref x Ster
ET Fabe x Peke x Teake
Embryo transplant foals. Sired by Fabe 348 (reserve world champion in 2000). Mother Mamy is the full sister of the approved stallion Tsjomme 329. Nine generations of ster or preferent. Kinship lower than the kinship of any approved stallion.

Les prix

Prix till 5.000

Prix till 7.000

Prix till 10.000

from 10.000

Our goal at Haras de la Bouteillerie is to match our horses to potential buyers as closely as possible to ensure a long and successful relationship together. While we know our horses and their abilities, we unfortuately do not know you. For this reason, having your trainer involved is an invaluable asset to the process. They know your riding style and abilities better than anyone. Keep in mind, however, that we do not factor their commission into our prices. It will be your responsibility to pay your trainer any fees and/or commissions on top of the purchase price.